“A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.”

– Charles Kettering

The VETTER Approach to Improve Employee Performance

Most clients KNOW they need to improve employee performance gaps; but the connections between various issues and their real root causes can be a little murky. VETTER Solutions uses a Performance Gap Map to put a spotlight on the issues that must be addressed in order to improve things.

Addressing the true root causes is critical.  That’s why VETTER Solutions practices Performance Improvement Consulting. No one-size-fits-all solutions!  No Training Band-Aids here!  We improve your organization’s performance and results on multiple levels by addressing what’s really wrong, so you’re not still plagued by the same thing next year.

To better define the problem at hand and to uncover its root causes, VETTER Solutions uses a tool focused on cause-and-effect relationships at the core of any business, non-profit, or agency. It’s called the GAP map. The ultimate solution to the problem depends on where the source of the problem falls on the GAP map. By identifying this, we can improve employee performance in the most-efficient way possible.


Gap Map - Current Results vs. Desired Results - Effective Training, Positive Culture, Proper Tools, Functional Structures - LEAD TO - Good Leadership Skills, Increased Productivity, Informed Employees - LEAD TO - Increase Profit, Expand Market Share, Greater Customer Satisfaction, Reliable Quality, Reduce Loss, Reduce Errors



DanThe Vetter Approach to Improve Employee Performance