Sample E-learning Courses

These samples demonstrate the professional quality of past Vetter Learning courses and videos:

PLEASE NOTE: Some of our self-hosted samples require an extra click on the ‘loading dots’ in order to play.


Mastering Objections and Complaints (2019 – Created in partnership with our videographer. SKIP TO sections 4 and 5 for the interactive exercise. 1.3 has a short teaser video for the exercise.)

How to Add Lines to a Sales Order (2012 – This BEST level course includes a branching scenario – see the case study that begins on slide 10.1)

Lifetime System Enhancement Sales Education  (2013 – This Articulate Presenter course is part of a series designed to teach sales associates about the long-term value of a customer.)


Update Contact Info (How to) (2022, Honda Finance) – This 2-minute video is part of a series of customer help videos on–going live Oct 2022.)


Safe Driving Assessment (2022, PERC – Gamification at its finest: point totals, timers, bells and whistles! Check your safe TRUCK driving knowledge. Use the ‘next’ button to skip intro slides.)

Preventing Food Contamination (2021. This client contracted separately with us to produce the custom videos and photos you will see within.)


Delivery Hazard Assessment (2022, PERC – Gamified 3D virtual-world final assessment for a series of modules on delivering propane. Step into the shoes of a propane delivery driver. Use the ‘next’ button to skip intro slides.)

Distracted Driving  (2021, PERC/NPGA – Part of a 40-module series to train new drivers in preparation for obtaining their Commercial Driver’s License (ELDT).)

ACE Promo Video  (2021, NPGA – This short video was designed, voiced, and edited by our team to promote the ELDT program exemplified above.)

AttiCat Insulation System Education (2013 – Targets HVAC Contractors with the goal of helping them grow their business.)


Content Management System Software Instructional Video (2019 This 5-minute video, created with Camtasia, is an example of screencast software training.)


Workers Compensation Certification Program  (The movie trailer you’ll find here previews a series of 8 modules + comprehensive exam that certify WC Administrators to process claims within Oregon.)

Intro to Registered Family Child Care  (In 2019, we created this course for the State of Oregon so that those interested in providing child care in their home could understand the legal requirements and consider whether this opportunity is a good fit for them. The course guides the learner through self-reflection, and at the end of the course, their answers to key questions point them in different directions [example of branching].)

Serving Our Common Customer  (This course uses four avatars, each with their own narrator to present a simulated customer encounter.)


Nightwatch Volunteer Orientation (This non-profit found they had to deliver the same 15 minute ‘spiel’ over and over to each new volunteer. We simply recorded one of their live sessions, edited it to a final script that was re-recorded as narration, and then married it with visuals. The result is this time-saving, 100% consistent way of orienting new volunteers anytime, anywhere! )

Nightwatch Whiteboard Video (This informational video for a local non-profit shows some of our whiteboard capabilities.)

Basics of Addiction and Recovery (This is the second in a program of nine modules created for NICWA, the National Indian Child Welfare Association.)


‘Good’ e-Courses, animations, or videos usually convey simple topics in a straightforward manner.


‘Better’ e-Courses, animations, or videos are more in-depth, may contain branching scenarios, characters, and more-engaging review questions.


‘Best’ e-Courses, animations, or videos are the most interactive and customized of our offerings. They may contain significant branching, adaptive scenarios, ‘choose your own adventure’, and gamification.


Please watch the short sample course we’ve designed to demonstrate our product and our process: