Sterling Quality Design

Jonathan Vetter Director of Operations

“I strive for quality in everything that I do. My goal is to create a stellar product for you!”

Experience & Skills

  • 10 years experience designing e-Learning courses
  • Participated in development of over 70 online learning products
  • Designed and developed this website


Now a full-time partner with my father, I am involved with all aspects of our e-Learning business. I work with clients and SME’s to plan the macro-design and to script content. I leverage my expertise in the e-Learning tools we use to scout and coach new, talented team members on our process, and to oversee development. I also spend time in marketing and outreach.

My experience as a classical musician shaped my hard work ethic from a young age. I further sharpened my natural attention to detail through my studies. But music has aided me more in being able to step back and see the big picture–and perhaps most of all, to be able to work through difficulties, in partnership with opinionated, sometimes obstinate team members, to create masterful, cohesive, and moving performances. I speak fluent German, conversational Mandarin, and have lived, studied, and worked abroad for a total of five years–three in Germany and two in China. These experiences have given me the capacity to adapt to nearly any circumstance, culture, or personality; but even better than that is being able to pull from the best (or most useful) elements of all those cultures, and use them to improve my work and positively influence the world around me.

Community Involvement

I am an active parent volunteer in my daughter’s school program.


  • 2007 – Bachelor of Music, University of Oregon, cum laude
  • 2011 – Master of Music, Freiburg University School of Music (Received final grade of 1 [maximum])
  • 2011-2013 – Post-baccalaureate studies in General Science, Portland State University


 I most enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter (b. 2012): We love to play in the garden, tend to our many fruit trees, continue improving our dream house, and enjoy life together.